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Hey, I'm James

I like Maths and Tech

and I love communicating it!


Fesival of Mathematics - September 2022

My Undergraduate Dissertation

Dissertation Scribblings I


My Year in Mathematical Review 2020

This year has been interesting for all of us, so let me take you on a tour of mine, from the ups to the lows.

24hr Maths Magic Show: Magical Addition

This is a segment from the 24hr Maths Magic Show, in which I preformed a trick where we can get the alternating harmonic series to converge to any number! Please check out the other acts, either via the website: https://24hourmaths.com

Spooky Science: Chunkin' Pumpkins

This is a video about pumpkin chunking which is a competition/sport that is done in the US. In this video series of videos I derive the terminal velocity of a pumpkin in particular my pumpkin.