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Unsuprisingly, I am also an academic. I teach, research and learn. I am currently an Undergraduate at University of Exeter studying Mathematical Sciences, however to quote my peers, 'I am no ordinary Undergraduate'. I work in as many fields as I can get my fingers into, this is currently mainly in Formalisation.


My current research is in the Lean interactive theorem prover, I'm mostly found in the Analysis part of the library. Lean is an interactive theorem prover created by Microsoft Research. A group of academics are using it to formalise all of an undergrad Maths degree, these (and other bits of Maths) are collaborated and shared in the mathlib github repo. (Linked are my PR's to mathlib or my repos)


I also help teach courses, at the current time, these are on Lean. I ran weekly proof sessions for Exeter Undergraduates on using Lean and proving Mathematical Theorems. I also helped out at Kevin Buzzard's Formalising Mathematics course, where I helped out PhD students with any quarms they had in Lean. Below is a git repo for the code I wrote for the MTH1001 sessions,


As I'm also an undergraduate, there is also more to learn. I study under the ESI on Penryn Campus, hence my course is a very applied course (which you may notice is a huge change for the rest of this page, I'm the next Erdős!). I can sing many the praises of all of my lecturers, they are literally amazing and have made this degree the best 3 years of my life, they put up with me shouting about the fact that I prefer pure maths on a daily basis, and to them, thankyou. Below are details of my course and the modules I have taken and notes (where applicable).
    • Calculus and Geometry
    • Vectors and Matrices
    • Fundemental Interdisciplinary Mathematics
    • Scientific Computing I
    • Dynamics
    • Statistics and Probability
    • Advanced Calculus - Notes
    • Real Analysis - Notes (Unfinished)
    • Differential Equations - Notes (Unfinished)
    • Vector Calculus and Applications - Notes (Unfinished)
    • Linear Algebra - Notes Notes
    • Complex Analysis - Notes Notes
    • Advanced Interdisciplinary Mathematics
    • Work Placement (Tom Rocks Maths)
    • Mathematical Sciences Project - Title TBC (Ongoing ++) Stream of consiousness
    • Groups, Rings and Fields (Ongoing) Notes
    • Number Theory (Ongoing) Notes
    • Dynamical Systems and Control (Ongoing) Notes
    • Mathematical Biology and Ecology (Ongoing) Notes
    • Topology and Metric Spaces
    • Partial Differential Equations