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Fesival of Mathematics - September 2022 | James Arthur

Fesival of Mathematics - September 2022


Hello and welcome to the (slightly, possibly extremely late) Carnival of Mathematics for September. This month, as always has been a wonderful month for mathematics and I have been sent some little nuggets of mathematics to share with you lot.

We start this month with a wonderous new shape. The shape of interest is the 'The Great Sethahedron' and how it can't quite exist. As with many mahematical things, go to twitter and look at this thread,

Secondly this month we bring you a section of a podcast that talks about something myself and many other mathematical communicators feel very strongly about. Here Katie Steckles talks about how we can get people less worried about maths. This is a conversation which is part of a series of conversations held on the podcasting channel Tattva Deep. The conversation was aimed to get to the essence of maths by speaking with mathematicians and philosophers of maths and covered such topics as what math is beyond numbers and equations, how teaching maths is undergoing a shift, why students fear maths, the philosophy of maths and many more.

Next, we have a twitter post from user Howie Hua, where they show us an interesting video on how we can relate some series to geometric objects. The use of geometry in algebra and to find new facts is something I'm quite interested in and these are really quite pretty. Check it out here!

The world at the moment is slightly depressing and I don't think there is really enough good news. Have a look at this really amazing thread about good maths news! I really love this BBC article about the 'Cambridgeshire man, 92, passes GCSE maths exam with top mark'. Here is the full thread,

Finally, here is a video about a really pretty bit of maths from the Feral Mathematician, the video. It looks at an interesting mathematical identity.

Look forward to next month for another dose of mathematics!