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I can offer a number of services, such as talks, workshops, tutoring and consultancy. I have been working in maths communication for three years and have hand crafted services to offer.


If you would like to get me to do a talk / lecture for you please get in contact via my contact form. I run a number of talks on many different areas of maths for a variety of ages. Here is section of topics,

Usually my talks last an hour and most of my talks can be adapted to most age groups.


I also run workshops for schools, universities and community groups. My workshops run from topics more academic like getting hands on with topological invariants to more practical workshops like using programming and maths in your every day life. Some titles of my workshops are,

My workshops go from a one hour workshop to a two hour workshop. Most of my workshops have these options, depending on time constraints. Again contact me if you are interested.

Tutoring and Mentoring

I have tutored and mentored many students through mathematics, physics, chemistry and computer science qualifications. I run sessions usually online through zoom. I tutor GCSE, A-level, IB and Degree level mathematics and GCSE A-level/IB science subjects. If you are looking for this or something slightly different, contact me.

Further I mentor students towards University Entrance Exams and interviews. I mentored students that have gained university places at Oxford, Cambridge, St Andrews, Bath, Exeter and Imperial. Mathematical Olympiad training is also available.


I also offer consultancy services to companies that have problems mathematics can solve. I have worked with finance companies in the past to solve problems to grow and boost their business. If you have a problem that needs solving and my extensive background in mathematical modelling can help with, contact me.

Pricing and Requirements

Talks and Workshops

For the sake of opacity, I will give some rough figures on pricing. These figures are very dependent on what you want and are based on a stock session in a standard venue. In addition, I charge travel and accomodation costs where needed. I travel mostly by public transport, so estimated travel costs will be a return train to the venue + a bus journey if the venue isn't close to a train station. More than three sessions in a day are available, but the pricing follows the pattern shown above.

Please note that workshops that require consumables may have a small consumable fee for audiences larger than 10 people, see below in requirements.


Here are a number of things that are needed for me to do a show,


Would be nice