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A Maths Reading List | James Arthur

A Maths Reading List


At the start of the academic year, I aimed to read a certain number of academic textbooks over the year. We are 'half' way through the academic year and here is what I have done or more promenantly learnt. The main message is that most of my reading is probably going to be done next term as taking most of your third year modules in first term and also the main part of your dissertation doesn't leave you with a lot of time. I started this off in the summer with trying to make a schedule, which was... unreadable. I have been learning quite a lot of algebraic topology, I have screated a talk on it, which I gave at Big Maths Jam and am giving a full hour version in June of this year. The main part of my study was about what on earth the fundemental group is and why we should be interested. There is a lovely, proof of the fundemental theorem of algebra that I will talk about at some point in the future. I have no place where I have said what I want to read and what my actual schedule is. My schedule is flexible, when I finish a book; I move onto the next.

My list ranges over mainly pure mathematics, but also some books I need to do read to bolster my applied mathematics knowledge. This is the list;

This list in non-exhaustive and will be edited and amended as time goes on. I am scribbling about what I'm reading and they are here