Me on the radio?

It has been a while, well a couple of weeks. I decided to take a few weeks off before I go back to Uni. This summer has been rather hectic. My ‘summer’ started in March when we got locked down and my first year ended rather abruptly. Between then and now I believe I have turned my want to become a mathematical communicator to a reality.

It all started with some, possibly diasterous, articles in the Aperiodical‘s Lockdown Math Off. These articles were about Arnold’s Cat Map, a post I may reproduce and try to revamp, and functional equations. I think both were interesting, well at least for me, but the way they were pitched and the maths that they were up against was just too different for people to vote for them. I also entered an article to the chalkdust magazine, which never got in, unfortunately. (This is again something I want to post here, but I am going to revamp it).

The timeline here gets a bit fuzzy in my mind, but I think it was about this point I did my end of year exams and got the news that my course at Uni wasn’t taking in any new entrants (there is a blog post about my first year at Uni coming), which was a bit of a blow to everybody as we all love our course and it’s so special. This was also the time I started Lean, which was another huge revelation of the summer.

For those of you who haven’t heard of lean, I wrote a post about it here. It’s basically an interactive theorem prover, or as I’ve named my talk next week: Lean: The Calculator on Steroids. This will be filmed and placed onto my YouTube Channel. It has been good fun to fiddle with and I have started to contribute to the library which we call mathlib. This was my next major step forward and I realised that I really like the place where Computers and pure maths meet.

The next couple of weeks are a mess of blog posts, writing and just worrying about the raging pandemic going on around me. This was probably the hardest bit as I had to just knuckle down and get on with it. There was very little to no social interaction with anybody but my family at this point and I’m sure, as most people will tell you, it was hard. Maths was one of the few things keeping me sane throughout these weeks.

It was during the stages of loosening of lockdown that lead to an email in my inbox. They were looking for people to do paper reviews on the radio. Radio sounds cool, I thought. So I replied and what followed was a story of lightening strikes, producer swaps and a radio piece about algorithmic mishaps.

My piece was about the A-level results and the garbage in- garbage out principle (Thanks to my old IT teacher, Mr Jones (I am Welsh)). You can find it here:

Since I started this post, there is also another clip out there of me talking about travelling salesman problem and COVID tests.

So its becoming a regular thing, so see me on Radio 5 at… too early in the morning on the 20th next month! I really enjoy going on the radio, so you shall probably see more of that.

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